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Event Photography Canberra
Architecture photography Canberra
Corporate photography Canberra

Corporate Photography

Client perception of your brand and culture is established by the people in your organisation. Build that relationship by putting a face to a name with photography that reflects who you are. My focus when working together is to capture the essence of your people, products and organisation.


Having worked with organisations of all sizes, locally and internationally, I can confidently and efficiently produce imagery that reaches your audience. I am experienced in directing shoots to ease nerves, and create a fun environment for all involved.

Available Services

Event photography ○ Corporate headshots ○ Office photography ○ Team photography ○ Environmental portraits


Architectural Photography

After years of rigorous design, planning and construction, your project is more than bricks and mortar. As a reflection of the environment around it, or a stand-alone piece, your project deserves to be seen. I work with architects, builders, home owners, and all forms of creatives to translate their passion into eye-catching photography.


With a background in landscape architecture, I have a love of the built environment, and deep appreciation for the process of getting to a finished product. I work with you to understand the overall design brief, and discover the subtle details that you want showcased.


Having worked in the industry, I know the role high-quality photography plays in award submissions, as part of your portfolio, and in getting your work recognised in publications.

Available Services

Architecture photography ○ Interior design photography ○ Landscape architecture photography ○ Construction photography

○ Lifestyle photography

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